eNEXT: Bluetooth Enabled Charging Station
eNEXT: Bluetooth Enabled Charging Station
eNEXT: Bluetooth Enabled Charging Station

eNEXT: Bluetooth Enabled Charging Station


The eNext Home is a bluetooth enabled wall mounted charging station for home users that provides a range of features accessible via the Circontrol Hi Charger smart phone application. The eNext comes in single phase 7 kW and three phase 22 kW versions.

The eNext has a number of unique bluetooth related features such as remote configuration, access locked to phone and proximity charging. The station will automatically start charging when it detects the owner’s phone after the car is plugged in. This feature is useful in situations where the charging station is located in an area that could be accessible to other drivers. The eNEXT can be programmed for interval charging so as to take advantage of cheap charging periods. Bluetooth control is optional and can be switched off. The station reverts to plug and go which is its default behaviour out of the box.




Installation Manual

New modern design

Urban and elegant design with painstaking attention to detail. There is space on the front of the wall box that could be used for branding and advertising. 

xNext Charging Station outdoors

suitable for indoor 0r outdoor use

The charger’s housing is made of ABS plastic which is both robust and UV resistant, providing protection against both mechanical stress and severe environmental conditions.

Circontrol HiCharge App

  • Control the status of the ongoing charging session.
  • Real time info such as elapsed time and battery status.
  • Presence recognition by smartphone’s Bluetooth
  • Time Schedule - only charge during off peak time.
  • Status and error diagnosis to facilitate maintenance.
  • The app can connect to multiple charging stations.
  • Remote firmware updates via Hi Charge App.
xNext Charging Station BeOn Compatible

BeON Compatible

Compatible with the BeON current clamp sensor (accessory). The Beon dials down the charge supplied to the car when the total amount of power drawn by the electrical devices in the house reaches the limit specified on the main circuit breaker which is 63 amps for a single phase house and 32 amps per phase for a three phase house in WA.


  • Supplied as Type 2 socket or Type 2 fixed tethered cable.
  • Single or 3 phase with optional MCB & DC leakage protection.
  • Welding contactor detection (safety standard IEC 61851-1)
  • LED bar informs the user about the charger status
  • Robust and UV resistant design used indoor or outdoor
xNext Charging Station outdoors


The Circontrol HiCharge smart phone app allows remote programming of the eNext including time scheduling, diagnostics, firmware upgrades and proximity access control. 

2 Year Warranty

E-Station offers a 2 year manufactures warranty on all of its products.