XCharge C6EU Smart DC Charger 60-160kW
XCharge C6EU Smart DC Charger 60-160kW

XCharge C6EU Smart DC Charger 60-160kW

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The XCharge C6EU is a compact modern DC fast charging station with advanced technology designed to provide fast charging rates of up to 160 kW (160 kWh per hour) for electric vehicles with large capacity batteries. The C6EU has a modular design which allows the charging capability of the station to be expanded in stages from 60 kW at installation to 100 kW and 160 kW to facilitate the increased charging speeds of newer electric cars. Both the CCS and CHADeMO cables can be used at the same time to charge two vehicles simultaneously. The C6EU has ethernet and 4G capability and is fully compatible with the Charge Star charging station network management and billing system.



  • Modular - The same unit is expandable in stages from 60 kW to 160 kW after installation.  
  • On-Board load balancing. Both CCS 2 and CHAdeMO cables can be used at the same time.  
  • Displays the charging status for two cars charging simultaneously.  
  • 15-inch LCD screen.  
  • Interactive display and smooth user interaction.  
  • Double U-shape plug placement prevents damage to plugs and cables.

Cloud-based Operation System

IoT system enables OverTheAir upgrades and remote auto diagnosis (solves over 90% of function problems).

Support price discrimination, user group management and turnover management.

Online real-time optimization based on car battery data collection.

Optimised Efficiency and Cooling

Automatic output adjustment mechanism maximizes the overall operation efficiency and utilization. Industry leading conversion rate of up to 97% through built-in power conversion module.

lnnovative Z-shaped wind channel to avoid rotary airflow, increase cooling efficiency and its ability to cope with weather changes. Centrifugal ventilator brings the hourly volume of air flow up to 790 cm3.

Next Charge App

Compatible with the Charge Star Network Management and Billing System and the Next Charge smart phone application.

Using ‘map mode’ you can easily find stations within your current area. Real Time Status is a quick and easy way to see the status of any station. It makes finding your NEXTCHARGE quick and easy.

2 Year Warranty

E-Station offers a 2 year manufactures warranty on all of its products.