The Fast DC charging stations supplied by E-Station meet the fast-charging requirement of the contemporary lifestyle. The DC Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging stations provide a fast charging speed. The DC charging stations have converters in them to convert the Alternative Current (AC) into Direct Current (DC) which allows the power to be directly fed into the car’s battery. The DC EV charging stations are bigger, provide fast charging speed and cost more when compared to an AC EV charging station.

DC Charging stations are suitable for installations near highways, service stations or at public-use charging station set up where the electric vehicle drivers require a fast charging speed. E-Station offers Circontrol Raption 50 and Circontrol Raption 150 to meet different charging speed requirement and to suit the power availability on the installation site. The DC charging stations are available with an optional onboard EFTPOS terminal for the Contactless/ Tap and Go payment system.