eVolve Smart Bollard

The eVolve Smart bollard is an advanced bollard mounted charging station with an aluminum and ABS plastic enclosure.


 Smart S

Smart T

Phase Type: Single Phase (1P) Three Phase (3P)
Connection: Type 2 (T2) Type 2 (T2)
Number of Plugs: 2 2
Power Supply: 230 Volts AC 400 Volts AC
Max. Input Current: 64 Amps 64 Amps
Max. Input Power: 14.8 kW 44 kW
Socket/Cable: Socket Socket
Output Current: 32 Amps / 32 Amps 32 Amps
Output Power: 7.4 kW /  7.4 kW 22 kW / 22 kW
Socket Type: Type 2 Socket

Type 2 Socket

4G Modem (LATAM/AU): $266.84 (Ex) or $293.52 (Inc)
 $266.84 (Ex) or $293.52 (Inc)
Customisation - labelling: Please enquire for a quote. Please enquire for a quote.
Anti-Vandal Key: $101.29 (Ex) or $111.42 (inc) $101.29 (Ex) or $111.42 (inc)


Download the eVolve Smart Bollard Installation Manual

Download the eVolve Smart Bollard User Manual

Download the eVolve Smart Bollard Service Manual

Download the eVolve Smart Bollard Data Sheet


eVolve Smart T Bollard

Watch this presentation to understand the full range of features and benefits the eVolve Smart T Bollard offers.



Main Features

  • One station per two parking spaces.
  • One or Two sockets on each station.
  • Single phase or three phase.
  • Each socket rated up to 7 kW single phase and 22 kW 3 phase
  • Output kW can be dialed down if power supply is different
  • Output kW can be load balanced across two sockets
  • On-board ethernet and 3G modem for networking.
  • IP54/IK10 Rating.
  • Large enclosure for optional RCDs.
  • Antivandal key door.

Optional Extras

Download Lightening Strike Protection PSM4-40/400 TNS IR Transient Surge Protector

Download Auto Reset RCDs. RECmax MP-C2-25 P27114 Auto-Closing Circuit Breaker

Benefits to Charge Point Owner

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership by charging 2 Electric Vehicles at the same time, even when the charger is not supplied with its maximum output power.

Reduced Operating Expenditure due to easy installation enabled by Its frontal key-locked door that provides an easy access to the inside of the charger which results in a quicker installation and service and allows the charger to be installed next to a wall, optimising the available space.

Increased charger lifespan due to its robust aluminium and ABS plastic housing that provides protection to both mechanical stress and severe environmental conditions, increasing the charger lifespan.

Increased communication, either by its Ethernet port (by default) or 3G/GPRS modem (optional) the charger can be connected to a back-office system (by means of OCPP) obtaining benefits such as user management, billing, remote error diagnostic

Satisfy compliance - eVolve series includes MID certified meters.

Benefits to Charge Point User

Improved user experience with clear charging instructions and plug status are shown using a back light display

Increased flexibility - user can authenticate before or after connecting the cable to their Electric Vehicle or simple plug n charge mode can be enabled for free charging.

Accessibility international standards regarding connector and display heights have been set at 1200 mm for everyone to have easy access.

Improved safety - eVolve series includes the necessary electrical protections not only to minimise the human safety risk of electrical shock, but also to ensure the maximum up time due to independent protections per connector

Master Slave System is available for this station!

Lower installation, electrical connection, electrical usage, communication, operating, and hardware costs!