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Australian designed and made from true blue Aussie steel
Set up your own servo and turn those solar rays into hard cash.
Grid connected or stand alone. Battery storage options available.
Support for DC fast charging in off grid mode via on demand charging of battery packs by Capstone C65 micro gas turbines or equivalent.
Shipped in kit format for assembly on site. BYO inverters, batteries and solar panels or buy from us.

15 year structural warranty.

  • Minimum configuration 1 node. 4 parking bays per node.
  • 1 node supports a 14 kW solar system generating around 50 kWh per day
  • Nodes can be daisy chained together.
  • Wind Rating – 41m/s (Building Code Australia Region A, B).
  • Solar Panel Tilt 0-12°.
  • Ground Clearance 2.1metres at the centre / 3.6metres at the tips.
  • Assembly Instructions

AC and/or DC charging.

Self service charging. No need for manned servos.

  • Ideal setup for unattended paid charging by members of the public. Also suitable for commercial fleet charging.
  • No dollars down finance options available. Up to $150,000 with no financials. Loan limit $5,000,000. No deposit required.
  • The car port can be branded for maximum advertising effectiveness.
  • RFID card and/or Smart Phone billing & payment system provided by E-Station via the Charge Star Network.
  • More information here:


  • Integrated Electric Vehicle chargers
  • High vertical clearance
  • Modular design to provide continuous shelter and can be tailored to customer needs
  • Turn-key solution or order parts and install yourself
  • Highly visible space for advertising
  • Engineered for harsh Australian weather condition
  • Customer choice of PV panels and inverters
  • Rain water collection system
  • LED lighting
  • CCTV monitoring system


  • With Energy prices increasing you can create a revenue stream from your carpark by:
    • Offsetting your electricity consumption
    • Powering Electric Vehicles
    • Feeding excess generation to grid
    • Renting out the available space for Advertising
  • Good for the environment
    –Turn your carpark into solar generator and help reduce carbon dioxide emission
  • Add Green credential to your business
  • Your business will be ready for the future
    –Electric Vehicle and Solar power demand will just continue to rise
  • Shades and protects vehicles.