eVolve Rapid Workshop/Depot 25 kW DC Charging Station


The EVolve Rapid is a 25 kW DC charging station in bollard mounted and wall mounted configurations. The station is rated to 25 kW DC and comes with one Combo CCS 2 cable. The station is connected to a standard 400 V 40 amp AC three phase power supply rated to 22 kW.  All electric vehicles capable of DC charging can take advantage of the full 25 kW and charge twice as fast compared to charging on an AC station.

Operation is simple. Just use the start and stop buttons.

The station is not networked and is not connectable to backend network management systems.

The EVolve Rapid is ideal for private charging and workshop scenarios where it is necessary to provide charging at faster speeds than the typical 7-11 kW AC charging rate.

Concept Design


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Free to Charge

Simple operation thanks to the ‘Free to Charge’ mode, allowing the user to forgo authentication.

Start/Stop buttons

Fast, straightforward interaction with the charger through two Start/Stop buttons with LED indicators that guide the user through each step of the charging process.

RGB light bar

Its RGB light bar enables the user to see the charger status (free, error, charging or completed) at a glance.

Aluminium and ABS plastic enclosure

TIts aluminium and ABS plastic enclosure provides protection against mechanical stress and severe weather conditions, offering greater durability and preventing it from needing replacement in the short term.

Compact exterior design 25 kW DC 

Its compact exterior design is typical of an AC charger, however, because it provides up to 25 kW DC, it is able to reduce charging time by half or even two-thirds for increased user satisfaction.

Faster Installation and Maintenance

Its lockable front door enables easy access to the inside of the charger for faster installation and maintenance. The charger can also be installed next to a wall to optimise available space.

Future-proof technology

Developed with future-proof technology to charge using a broad voltage scale (from 200 to 920 V), it is capable of charging both new small electric cars and heavy vehicles such as electric buses and lorries.

Electrical safeguards

The eVolve Rapid series includes optional electrical safeguards, not only to minimise the risk of electric shock, but also to deactivate the device on site, which reduces operating costs (OpEx) during technical maintenance or repair services.