Solar, Batteries and Charging Stations with Zero Dollars Down.

PPAs give you all the benefits of solar power, without the need to provide any upfront capital.

A Solar Power Purchase Agreement provides your business with an innovative way to install solar, batteries and charging stations and reduce your electricity costs. With a PPA, you’re able to access all the benefits of solar power, without providing any upfront capital.

As your PPA Provider, Infinite Energy will take on full ownership and maintenance of the solar PV, batteries and charging stations.. You simply purchase the electricity generated by your solar system, which will often be substantially cheaper than your current grid rate. In some cases, the savings can be as high as 50%.

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Benefits of commercial solar PPAs

No upfront costs

Infinite Energy will cover the cost of the solar PV system, batteries and charging stations including installation, paperwork and on-going maintenance. This means $0 upfront costs for your business, allowing you to free up capital, while creating additional savings as you’ll be purchasing your own cheaper, cleaner solar electricity.

No technology, service or operational risks

Because Infinite Energy owns your solar PV system, batteries and charging stations, we take responsibility for all operations and maintenance issues, at zero cost to you. As we only get paid for the electricity your system generates, it’s in our best interests to keep the system running at peak capacity.

Electricity price certainty

Unlike buying electricity from the grid, your PPA is controlled for the entirety of your term with Infinite Energy. With one of your largest expense under control, you’re able to make business decisions more confidently.

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Benefits of solar

Building Improvement and Green Ratings

Installing a commercial scale solar power system can add significant value to your building, in addition improving your GreenStar and/or NABERS rating.

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Electricity generated under a Solar PPA is generated on-site and with zero associated CO2 emissions. Increased sustainability can bring many green benefits to your brand.

Roof shading

Installing a solar PV system can drastically improve your building’s insulation, resulting in lower cooling and/or heating associated costs.

Lower tariffs

By using your own solar electricity rather than the grid, you can reduce your peak demand charges. This can mean lower electricity tariffs, which can lead to substantial savings

How it works

  • Infinite Energy banks excess power exported from its solar array installations and resells this power via a main meter to sole occupiers or via an embedded network if there are multiple occupiers in the building. Each occupier, in the case of multiple occupiers, has an individual sub-meter incorporating smart meter technology that tracks the power used by each occupant. The occupant or occupants are billed by Infinite Energy for power.
  • Occupants benefit from the PPA through lower power bills. In some cases the Infinite Energy tariff is half that charged by the existing energy retailer..
  • Cheap power prices attract good tenants and help reduce vacancy rates in investment properties. High quality tenants enhance the value of commercial and domestic rentals. Owner occupiers benefit from cheap power prices.

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