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Service Station Owners. Don’t Be A Casualty Of The Electric Vehicle Revolution. Secure Your Business Future Now.

Most major automobile manufactures have announced a switch to electric cars. In ten year’s time most models on sale will be electric. There will be a dramatic drop in demand for petrol and diesel. Service Station Owners. Secure your business future now by installing DC charging stations and solar panels.

The benefits of Solar PV And DC Charging.

  • Save on energy bills through solar panel energy offset.
  • Provide food and beverage services for electric car drivers.
  • Increase margins on electricity sales by negotiating better rates with electricity retailers.
  • Diversify away from petrol and diesel before demand falls off a cliff.
  • Contribute to a cleaner environment.

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Solar And Charging Stations with Zero Dollars Down.

  • A Solar Power Purchase Agreement provides your business with an innovative way to install solar, batteries and charging stations and reduce your electricity costs. With a PPA, you’re able to access all the benefits of solar power, without providing any upfront capital.
  • The PPA Provider will take on full ownership and maintenance of the solar PV, batteries and charging stations.. You simply purchase the electricity generated by your solar system, which will often be substantially cheaper than your current grid rate. In some cases, the savings can be as high as 50%.

30 kW Solar PV Package by SSE Australia

  • Tier 1 60 cells.
  • 270w poly solar panels * 120 piece (32.4 kwDC).
  • SSE 30 kw inverter (30 kw AC).
  • Mywatt monitoring device with wireless networking.
  • All fuses and Isolators.
  • No tilt flush installation solar mounting compliant with AU standards (subject to roof material).
  • Design and grid connection application by an accredited designer.
  • Installation by A Class CEC accredited teams.
  • Completed paperwork and certification.

50/150 kW SSE DC Fast Charger Package.

  • Self service DC station can run 24 * 7 unmanned.
  • NAYAX credit card payment system or direct connection to the forecourt payment system.
  • Charges all electric cars in Australia including Tesla cars.
  • The stations will charge most electric cars to 80% in twenty minutes and 100% in forty minutes.
  • Two cars can charge at the same time, one on DC and one on AC.
  • The stations can be connected to the Charge Star charging station network and driver management services system for remote management.
  • All configuration and software updates can be done remotely.
  • Callout and support can be provided by Charge Star. The charging station provider has zero management overhead.
  • Charging station providers get access to their own web portal for status updates and usage analysis.
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