Charge Star Joins the HUBJECT Network for Charging Station Network Interoperability

Hubject provides interoperability between charging station networks by acting as a clearing house for charging network transactions. Hubject allows a member of the Charge Star network to initiate a charging session on another network if that network is connected to Hubject. For example, the NEXTCHARGE application can be used to initiate a charging session on the Charge Point Australia network if CPA have joined Hubject. Users who have registered with Hubject friendly foreign networks such as (New Zealand), Charge Point Services (UK), New Motion (Holland) and ChargeIT (Germany) can use the Charge Star network using their existing account.

Payments for charging sessions are transferred between networks. This is a conceptionally similar process to the ATM clearing system which allows a Commonwealth Bank customer withdraw cash from a National Australia Bank ATM or the international payments clearing system which allows a Commonwealth Bank customer withdraw cash from an ATM in Bali.

Hubject originated in Europe as an open source collaboration project between participants in the energy, technology and automotive industries. The Hubject platform is now in use in Japan, China and the USA and is rapidly becoming the platform of choice for charging station network interoperability. It is highly likely that Hubject will become the equivalent of SWIFT, the international inter-bank clearing system.

Smartphone charging session initiation and payment systems will be used to complement rather than replace credit cards and debit cards. The latest Circontrol DC charging stations are equipped with Ingenico payment terminals for credit cards, debit cards and NFC enabled smart phones. Electric car drivers will soon be free from the tyranny of the app.

UK Contactless Demo:

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Think big: Hubject extends your reach beyond national boundaries and technologies. EV Drivers from across the world can find your charging station, charge up and pay easily and conveniently. More visibility, more reach, more for everyone.

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