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E-Station Home & Office Charge Stations

Our product range will suit all home or office EV charging needs:

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eHome Domestic.
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eNext Bluetooth Domestic.
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Volt Commercial.
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Evolve Dual Socket Wall Mounted Commercial. Click Here

WallBox Selection Table

  eHome eHome plus Volt socket eVolve Smart
Cable Type 1
Cable type 2
Socket (Mode 3, Type 2)
Onboard RCD
HMI + Display

Optional Accesories

  eHome eHome plus Volt cable Volt socket Dual Volt
eHome BeOn compatible
Cable support
3G Modem

Key Features:

Made by Circontrol

Europe’s Largest Charge Station Manufacturer

E-Station provides a complete EV charging solution which includes a full range of charging stations from Circontrol and driver management services.

The stations are manufactured by Circontrol S.A, a leading provider of electric vehicle charging technology solutions. Circontrol SA has an installed base of more than 20,000 charging stations worldwide.

There are over a 130 Circontrol DC fast charging stations operating in the UK with a further 13 due to be installed in central London.