eHome Wall Mounted Domestic Charging Station

The eHome wallbox is one of best equipped charging stations on the Australian market. Features include remote charging activation via a timer, notification when car is fully charged, lockable to prevent unauthorised usage and a Type B RCD for DC leakage protection. The eHome can be connected via a cable to the BeON CT clamp for dynamic load shedding when the house approaches its maximum permissible mains current (14 kW for a single phase house connection).

The eHome comes with cable storage and can be installed by any qualified electrician.

The lockable eHome is particularly suitable for unsecured environments such as open driveways or shared parking where there is a risk of unauthorised use. An NMI approved meter can be placed on the upstream circuit for remote monitoring and connection to a billing system if required.



Compatible with BeON sensor (accessory), when combined with eHome is able to dynamically adjust the electric vehicle’s consumption according to the available power of the installation, avoiding the risk of blackout and/or having to upgrade the existing installation (resulting on a lower initial investment)

Installation Manual & Data Sheet

Download the eHOME Installation & User Manual

Download the eHOME Datasheet


eHome BeON Compatibile

This intelligent sensor, easily added to the usual protection panel at home, dynamically adjusts electric vehicle’s consumption if the house system is about to be overloaded.

Robust & UV Resistant

The charger’s housing is made of ABS plastic which is both robust and UV resistant, providing protection against both mechanical stress and severe environmental conditions (which increases the charger lifespan and avoids its replacement in just a few years).

Simple User Operation

Simple user operation by its Plug ‘n’ Charge mode that avoids the user obligation of authentication by means of an RFID card, phone or equivalent method.


CIRCONTROL is a leading manufacturer of Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles with an installed footprint of 50,000 charging stations world wide.

Circontrol charging stations are certified for use with all types of electric vehicles and comply with all Australian and International electrical standards.