Next Elite: Networked station for commercial use. OCPP & Load Management

The increasing sophistication of car parks and EV users requires smart EV charging solutions with the potential for cloud integration for remote management and monitoring via the OCPP communication protocol.

Maintaining the elegant eNext design, this new wallbox goes one step further in terms of connectivity and usability thanks to the Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, its digital system can easily be updated with the latest features and future requirements.


Download the eNext Elite Brochure/Data Sheet


eNext Elite


  • Advanced connectivity. The charger can be connected to a back-office system (through OCPP) either by Wi-Fi, Ethernet port or 4G/3G/ GPRS modem (optional), resulting in benefits such as user management, billing, remote error diagnostics, etc.
  • 3.5” colour screen. Displays the charging instructions clearly through pictograms. It also provides information on the charging and connectivity status.
  • Protection. The system guarantees the best level of protection thanks to integrated DC leakage detection and welded contact detection. The charger also permits integration with additional internal protection features
  • Dynamic charging settings. The charger is compatible with the Home BeON sensor (optional) which, combined with the eNext, dynamically adjusts the consumption of the electric vehicle, taking into account the power available in the system.
  • Scheduling. To adapt charging to your needs and/or to the electricity tariff, the charging session can be scheduled through the website.
  • Remotely activate charging. You can remotely activate charging through an external ON/OFF signal (a timer, for example).
  • Flexible identification. The user can show their RFID card before or after connecting their vehicle. This feature can also be disabled in order to use the Plug and Charge mode.
  • Customisation. It is easy to customise the system with branding thanks to the space at the front