Charge Star – The Charging Station Network Management Platform for Charging Station Providers.

The number of charging station networks will increase rapidly over the next few years as the transition to electric vehicles accelerates. Charge Star is a mature, robust, secure and scalable enterprise level charging station management system that provides charging station network operators with class leading features such as revenue reporting, multiple payment methods, payment to the network operator’s merchandising account, charging session activation via smart phone app or RFID or credit card, usage reporting, status reporting, and remote management of charging stations.

Each network operator is provided with their own instance of Charge Star hosted in a datacentre of their choice. There is one database per instance. Customer data is siloed and is not accessible across instances. The network operator or managed services provider can give web portal access to its own customers who may have charging stations hosted on the network. Granular permission levels ranging from view to admin can be granted to customers depending on requirements.

The NEXTCHARGE smart phone application can be branded with the network operator livery and advertising logos. NEXTCHARGE will only show the charging stations belonging to designated network operator when configured in white label mode. Charge Star can be configured so that stations are not displayed on the NEXTCHARGE smart phone application. A smart phone application is not required where charging sessions are activated by credit card or RFID card or where stations are in a private car park.

Staff of charging station providers can be issued with a corporate RFID card. The corporate RFID card allows staff to charge for free on the network as opposed to members of the public who pay. This arrangement may be suitable where a network operator such as a taxi company creates its own network but wishes to share the network with members of the public.

Feature List

Payment Systems. Usage & Error Reports. Network Management.
  • Charge per kWh, per minute or free charge.
  • Payment via smart phone application.
    • Credit/debit card.
    • Android Pay.
    • Google Pay.
    • Paypal
    • Wallet (buy credit in advance).
  • Payment via card reader on the charging station.
    • Credit/debit card payment.
    • Smart phone NFC payment.
  • On the spot payment transfer.
    • Payments are transferred in real time to the merchant account of the charging station operator.
    • Smart Phone App ==> Braintree==> Charging Station Operator Merchant Account.
    • Ingenico Credit Card Reader ==> ADVAM ==> Charging Station Operator Merchant Account.
    • Nayax Credit Card Reader ==> Merchant Warrior ==> Charging Station Operator Merchant Account.
  • Corporate RFID cards for free staff charging.
  • The following data is provided by Charge Star in the various reporting screens. The data can be downloaded in CSV file format for spreadsheet analysis.
  • Charging Sessions.
    • Transaction ID.
    • Connector ID
    • Charging Station ID.
    • User Tag.
    • Start transaction timestamp.
    • Stop transaction timestamp.
    • Time station occupied per charging session in seconds.
    • kWh per charging session.
    • Meter reading in watt hours at start of charging session.
    • Meter reading in watt hours at end of charging session.
    • Average power drawn during charging session in watts.
  • Total energy delivered by:
    • The network.
    • Each station.
    • Each connector.
    • Each user.
  • Total number of charging sessions by:
    • The network.
    • Each station.
    • Each connector.
    • Each user.
  • Error Reporting.
    • Charging Station ID
    • Error code.
    • Error message.
    • Charging Station Status.
    • Timestamp
    • Vendor
    • Vendor error code.
    • Connector number.
    • Charging Station Provider.
  • All reports can be exported to CSV files.
  • Dashboard overview with map.
  • Web based network management and administration portal.
    • Sub portals with granular permissions can be created for charging station providers.
  • Dashboard overview with network map.
  • Error reporting by network and by station.
  • Error notification by email alerts.
  • Station status and information including IP address, firmware version, OCPP Level, last heartbeat and map location.
  • Remote configuration of stations including display settings for map and smart phone application, tariff per connector, max time allowed for charging, tariff per kWh or per minute.
  • Remote retrieval of log files.
  • Clustered stations. Multiple stations at a single location appear as one entry on the smart phone app.
  • Local list management for authorisation. Clear cache option.
  • Remote hard and soft resets of charging stations.
  • Change availability status of station or an individual connector to operative/inoperative.
  • Remote lock/unlock connector.
  • Remote start/stop of charging sessions.
  • Remote firmware updates.
  • Full integration with NEXTCHARGE smart phone application.
  • Voucher promotion facility small business. Buy a meal and get a free charge.
  • Review of comments left by drivers on Smart Phone app.
User Interface – Interactive Web Page and Smart Phone App. Security and Compatibility. Interactive Map for PCs and Laptops
  • Interactive web page for PC and laptop users who wish to plan journeys on the network.
  • The NEXTCHARGE smart phone app or the white label equivalent is the portal for drivers.
  • The smart phone app can be decorated with the livery and logos of the network operator.
  • Smart Phone Application Features:
    • Map of stations and list of available stations in proximity order.
    • Status of stations – available, occupied, reserved, off-line for maintenance.
    • Integration with native smart phone navigation app such as Google Maps or Apple Maps.
    • Realtime charging status update showing charge rate in kW, energy consumed in kWh, state of charge, estimated time remaining and accumulated cost.
    • GST receipts for each charging session emailed to customers.
    • Record of charging sessions and payments also accessible via the application.
    • Start multiple charging sessions on different stations at the same time.
    • Multiple payment options; credit card, voucher, RFID card (wallet), Apple Pay, Android Pay and Paypal.
    • The app runs in background mode. The user can use other smartphone apps at the same time.
    • No registration required. Just download and charge on the spot.
    • Notifications of new stations in user’s area.
    • Stations can be reserved if the reserve feature is enabled.
    • Driver can add photos, reviews and ratings for each station.
  • Compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).
  • Default smart phone payment platform is Braintree.
  • Hubject Compliant.
  • One dedicated instance of Charge Star per network operator hosted in a data centre chosen by the network operator.
    • Customer data is siloed and is not accessible across instances.
  • Encryption.
    • From SIM card to VPN gateway.
      • 3G networks use the KASUMI block cipher with the UEA1 confidentiality and UIA1 integrity algorithms.
      • 4G networks use the SNOW 3G stream cipher and the UEA2 confidentiality and UIA2 integrity algorithms.
    • From VPN gateway to server.
      • IPSec tunnelling via Telstra VPN.
  • Compatible with OCPP 1.5, 1.6 and 2.0.
  • Compatible with ISO 15118.
    • Plug and charge. The vehicle provides authentication and verification via SSL certification. The charging session fee is billed to the driver’s home electricity account i.e. Ergon, AGL etc.
    • Vehicle to grid. The driver sells power from the car battery back to the energy retailer i.e. Ergon, AGL etc. Works like a feed in tariff.
Mature Scalable Enterprise Level Charging Station Management System.
  •  200,000 charging sessions
  •  2000 MWh energy delivered.
  •  120,000 NEXTCHARGE app installs on Android and Apple.
  •  80,000 charging stations on boarded from 80 networks using the Charge Star platform.

Native NEXTCHARGE Smart Phone Application.

Branded white label version of NEXTCHARGE.