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The Charging Station Access Control and Metering Solution for Parking Providers

Charge Star Billing is a charging station management and billing solution for electric vehicle charging stations located in car parks.

The increasing popularity of electric vehicles has led to a demand for electric vehicle charging stations in car parks and a payment solution for billing the drivers.

Charging station installation scenario. What factors have to be considered when choosing an electric vehicle charging station solution for large scale apartment developments?

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Common area car parking in strata and body corporates presents a number of problems for electric vehicle car owners.

  • Most common area car parks do not have electric vehicle car charging facilities. Electric vehicle car charging stations can be retrofitted to common area car parks. This normally requires a change to the strata by-laws as the walls of common area car parks and the embedded wiring are normally owned by the strata rather than the owners.
  • Free charging from common area power is likely to raise the ire of unit owners who do not wish to subsidise another owner who just happens to have an electric car. Electric vehicle car charging can cost $1000 per vehicle per year.
  • There needs to be a system in place to meter electric vehicle charging and bill electric vehicle owners accordingly.
  • Access to charging stations needs to be restricted to prevent charging stations being used by non-authorised users.


Charge Star Billing is a billing solution and access control system for charging stations located in strata and body corporate properties.

  • The charging session usage data is captured and stored on the Charge Star database.
  • The charging stations are equipped with MID certified meters. The parking provider sets the cost per kWh or the cost per minute.
  • Charging station providers are given access to their own provider area on the Charge Star Portal.
  • The Provider can monitor charging status and download usage data via the Portal.


  • Option 1 - Billing by Charge Star.
    • E-Station bills the owner/tenant using the Charge Star billing system.
    • The charging stations are equipped with on-board MID certified meters which are compliant with NMI standards. The stations are connected to Charge Star. Charging sessions are activated by using the NEXTCHARGE smart phone application ( and/or the NEXTCHARGER RFID card ordered through the application.
    • E-Station reimburses the Charging Station Provider 100% of the revenue.
    • The provider can check revenue generated by the charging stations in real time from the portal.
  • Option 2 - Billing by the charging station provider.
    • In some cases the charging station provider such as a strata or body corporate may have their own billing system.
    • Most strata properties already sub-meter gas, water and electricity and have a system in place to bill owners/tenants accordingly.
    • The charging stations may be connected to dedicated meters on an existing sub-metering embedded network.
    • The meter is connected to the sub-metering system back office which records the data and generates the invoices which are then sent out to the apartment occupants. The occupants receive a combined bill with two line items, one for the apartment and one for the charging station.
    • The charging stations are connected to the Charge Star network The owners are issued with Charge Star RFID cards or alternatively RFID cards provided by Strata Management. The ID of the RFID card given to the occupant is programmed into the charging station assigned to the occupant. Only that RFID card can operate that particular charging station.
    • CSV report files can be downloaded from the Portal by the strata manager and input into software packages like Stratamax and Strata Master.

Commercial Opportunities

  • Each state has introduced provisions in the relevant electricity retailers act that allow stratas and body corporates to resell power.
  • Car park providers can generate income by selling power to car park users, apartment owners and tenants.

E-STATION eVolve - More Information Here

The eVolve is a networkable charging station designed for commercial installations which require metering, access control and driver management services. Access control is via MiFare classic compatible RFID cards and the Next Charge Smart Phone App. The stations are equipped with onboard ethernet ports and 3G modems. The stations can be connected to the customer’s network and managed using the free network and driver management software provided by Circontrol. Alternatively the stations can connected to the Charge Star network and managed by E-Station.

The eVolve is a Type 2 wall mounted station rated up to 7 kW single phase and 22 kW three phase. The eVolve is fully compatible with all pure electric and hybrid cars.

  • quality product manufactured by Circontrol in Spain.
  • designed for indoor and outdoor use.
  • single phase or three phase compatible.
  • easy installation by any qualified electrician.
  • rated to 7 kW per socket single phase and 22 kW per socket three phase.
  • start charging process only after safety verification.
  • safety cutoff. Car cannot move while connected to the station.
  • auto power shut‐off upon plug‐out detection.
  • communicates with car via pilot signal.
  • compliant with Australian and international standards.
  • robust high-impact ABS and aluminium enclosure.
  • can be wall mounted or bollard mounted.
  • fully compatible with all electric cars and hybrids.
  • comes with onboard TCP/IP networking module and GPRS/3G modem.
  • OCPP compliant.