Renault Zoe R90 Supermini.

Renault Australia has released the R90 variant of the new Renault Zoe in Australia. This particular Zoe has the R90 motor which has a total output of 92hp(68kW). The motor is a DC-excited synchronous unit developed by Continental. It uses copper coils in the stator and rotor, instead of rare earth metals. As a result, it can be used either as a motor, a generator or a transformer.

The Zoe R90 has a 41 kWh battery pack. The R90 has a range of 400 km on the NEDC test cycle and 300 km at motorway speeds. It produces 220Nm of torque from just 250rpm which is more than sufficient to for hauling the Zoe’s 1,480kg mass. Unlike a combustion engine the torque is there as soon as you touch the accelerator, which makes it feel significantly quicker than the 13.5 second 0-to-62mph time would imply. Overall, the performance is very similar to that of a traditional supermini.

The battery is produced by LG Chem and consists of 192 cells arranged in 12 modules. The surface area of the electrodes has been increased by some 10 per cent and a new cooling system aims to ensure more consistent performance across the temperature range.

The Zoe has a 5 star NCAP rating.

The Zoe ranked as the best-selling all-electric car in Europe for the second year in a row in 2016 with 21,735 units delivered, representing 21.2% of the segment sales that year.. The Zoe topped European sales in the broader plug-in electric car segment, ahead of the Mitsubishi Outlander P-HEV. In 2016 the Zoe ranked again as the world’s 8th best-selling electric car.. The Zoe is the world’s all-time eighth best selling plug-in car.

The R90 does not have fast DC charging. The Q90 variant of the Zoe has fast AC charging. It can draw up to 44 kW AC. However the Q90 is not available in Australia at this time.

Renault Zoe Charging Stations – eHome & eBasic.

The eBasic WallBox has been specially designed for unmetered indoor or outdoor locations. The eBasic can be mounted in a bollard if necessary. The eBasic can be connected to a 15/32 amp power supply on a single phase or three phase connection giving a maximum output of 22 kW. The ampage can be set via an internal DIP switch to match the ampage of the circuit.

The eHome wallbox is one of the most advanced charging stations on the Australian market. Features include remote charging activation via an external input signal, notification when car is fully charged, restricted access via a lockable RCD cabinet and optional RCDS (A and B). The eHome can be connected via a cable to the BeON CT clamp for dynamic load shedding when the house approaches its maximum permissible mains current (14 kW for a single phase house connection).

Type 2 to Type 2 Charging Cable
10 Amp Home Charging Cable

Calculate the charging time

Calculate the charging time for your Renault ZOE according to the battery, engine and charging equipment. Remember, your home Wall-Box* is included with your ZOE purchase and charges at 7,4kW.