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Intelligent Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles

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CIRCONTROL, worldwide leading manufacturer of Charging Stations for Electric Vehicle, covers a large range of charging solutions for the best experience of the electric-mobility user.

eHome WallBox serie is designed with the most advanced charger for domestic market which includes features such as remote charging activation, notification when car fully charged, cable manager and is extremely easy to install.

eHome WallBox is the most like domestic charging stations of the market, also includes as an option User Authentication (via easy access front door with key lock) and extras such as RCD A, RCD B and certified Energy Meter. In addition, is the only domestic charger that allow intelligent smart charging BeON.

Circontrol products complies and are certified with international standard regulations for Electric Vehicle.

As a result, eHome WallBox is a high quality charger that is able to charger your electric car safer, faster, smarter and easier; by just connecting its tethered cable to your car.

Always on with the new eHome Beon:

eHome BeON is an intelligent sensor that allows charging your Electric Vehicle at home avoiding blackouts.

eHome BeON synchronizes the Electric Vehicle charge with the house by a dynamic power adjustment regarding the consumption supported by domestic installation.

Compatible with eHome WallBox serie.

Key Features: